Agreement under Seal Meaning

Agreement Under Seal Meaning: Why It Matters in Legal Contracts

Agreements under seal have been a traditional way to formalize legal contracts for centuries. But what exactly is an agreement under seal, and why does it matter in modern-day legal contracts?

In simple terms, an agreement under seal refers to a contract that is signed, witnessed, and sealed with a wax seal or a similar device. This traditional form of contract execution was common in the past, dating back to medieval times when a wax seal was used to authenticate the document and signify the intention of the signer. The seal served as proof of the signer`s identity, and it was often required for the contract to be legally binding.

Today, the use of wax seals has been replaced by the use of signatures, electronic signatures, and other forms of authentication. However, the concept of an agreement under seal still exists in many jurisdictions around the world, and it can have significant legal implications.

In general, a contract that is executed under seal carries more weight than a regular contract. This is because the seal serves as a formal acknowledgment of the agreement and signifies that the parties involved have given careful consideration to the terms of the contract. Furthermore, agreements under seal have traditionally been given greater legal protection and are subject to longer statutes of limitations than regular contracts.

In some jurisdictions, an agreement under seal is also referred to as a “specialty contract.” This type of contract is subject to special rules and requirements, such as the need for consideration (i.e., something of value exchanged between the parties) and the necessity of using specific language to indicate that the contract is under seal.

It`s important to note that not all contracts require a seal to be legally binding. In fact, in many jurisdictions, the use of seals has been abolished altogether. However, in some circumstances, a seal may be required to provide additional legal protection or to comply with specific legal requirements.

In summary, an agreement under seal refers to a legal contract that is executed with a wax seal or a similar device. While the use of seals has declined in modern times, the concept of a contract under seal still exists in many jurisdictions and can have significant legal implications. If you are entering into a contract, it`s essential to understand whether a seal is required and to seek legal advice if you have any doubts.